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Newest vacuum RF skin rejuvenation skin care machine

Newest vacuum RF skin rejuvenation skin care machine
Product Detailed
Newest vacuum RF skin rejuvenation skin care machine with 2 handles one is for face treatment one is for body treatment

Newest vacuum RF skin rejuvenation skin care machine

Lorch updated modelDREAM ACTION PLUS machine has 2 handles, one is for face treatment, one is for body treatment. Can remove excess toxin.  Each handle has four polar RF and vacuum function, RF and vacuum work at the same time, has better effect than using RF and vacuum separately.treatment range: 1, whole face skin laxity, gloomy, coarse, dark black and yellow; Skin aging, inelastic; Splash, sunburn, chloasma, Pore bulky, red blood silk, scar concave hole;2, eye socket: eliminate fine lines, improve pouch; 3, forehead: improving wrinkles, lift the eyebrow, put on the eyelid; 4, cheeks: improving wrinkles, soft change law grains, treatment whelk, improve dimple hole, tightens facial slack skin;5, neck: improving wrinkles, eating double chin, moist skin. 6, the whole body: the arm, abdomen, waist, back, thigh dissolved fat body, anti-wrinkle firming; 7, hip: tighten ascend;8, orange peel fat treatment; Orange kind the skin to improve (hip orange kind the skin, thigh orange kind the skin, etc.) 9, compact organization, prevent relaxation; 10, promote metabolism and blood circulation, 11, smoothen scar, wrinkles, 12, supplement the skin moisture content, 13, adipose decompose,14, smoothen pregnancy lines;15, strengthen fibroblast elastic tissue.

How long you can see the good effect?You can see the good effect after 1 time treatment.

How many times to get the best treatment? How long is one course of treatment?30-40 minutes one time machine treatment.For the first week, 2 times treatment in this week.For the next 3 weeks, 1 time in each week.

Principle :                                   1).RF(Radio Frequency ): RF electrode contact to the skin, the RF signal will release energy through human body. This special electricity will produce energy exchange when it through human body. It will heat up directly from human body. When the heat of derma tissue rise 3°C——12°C, it can enhance the oxygen flux of body and increase the blood and lymph circulation, active metabolism, eliminate and softening cellulite. Reduce the liquid and toxin in the fat fiber. Reduce the cellulite volume and make the adipocyte inclusions (triglyceride)break up into free fatty acid rapidly to promote the free fatty acid flow to muscular tissue and oxidation to energy ATP, dissimilation CO2,H2O, then expels body by lymph and excretory system,to achieve the effect of slimming. At the same time the collagenous fiber will emerge contraction to stimulate secrete more new collagen filling in shrink and loss collagen lacuna. As Dermis collagen’s grow continually and realignment, you will have a facelift feeling after you used our product a period of treatment. The skin will become soft. With more and more of the collagen, the thickness and the density of skin dermis will increase. Fill and level up wrinkles, eliminate the scar, restore skin elasticity and luster, to make the skin seems to be more white and smooth. The wrinkles are leveled up, the dropping skin become full, tight and high resilience.

Negative pressure physical effect 1. skinPressure absorption and release process(1)Will improve the fluidity of between cells, thereby increasing cell movement, can treat blood stasis, stasis related diseases.(2)Lymph drainage and venous blood vessels

Effect: from the organization fiber vent excess moisture.

2.Vascular layerPressure absorption and release process (1) Improve the tiny blood vessels of the blood circulation, is not only the improvement of the single capillary system, but also will improve a deep venous and lymphatic network flow between. (2) Can remove excess toxin.

Effect: strengthen blood vessel, improve varicose veins

3. Fiber layerPressure absorption and release process——Can make in different organization produces two kinds of efficacy of combination (including skin and muscle tissue, etc.)——Repair cells, increase the degree of active between cells.——It can ascend and repair the skin elasticity, resist skin stretch.——The generation of collagen to help skin to resume elasticity update——Can improve the skin oxygen supply ability and increase the consumption of carbon dioxide.

Effect: break cellulite hard fiber, make its more elastic and thus able to shape the bodily form

4. Nerve layerPressure absorption and release process——Stimulate the sympathetic nervous system of the surface and deep.——To improve the sensitivity of the skin.——Repair the elasticity of the skin and resist tissue fibrosis.

Effect: repair and improve the sensitivity of the skin.

Why choose Dream Action plus?Dream Action plus is our new product with the best and new technology and with best effect. Maybe you have see this machine in some Chinese Exhibitions, if you have tried this machine, you will know this is a good machine.

Warranty:one year warranty, and lifelong maintenance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:

Newest vacuum RF skin rejuvenation skin care machine

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